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1>when a woman eats out another woman
Mitch: hey see that chick, I've seend her batter dipping!

Dustin: Dude, thats just sick.
by lintlord May 17, 2007
An extremely bithcy girl
usually named Nicole
fangs, leathery wings, and teeth are ocated between her legs
still havent found the tail
Mitch: what the fuck is twisting that bitches tit?!?

Dustin: shes not a bitch mitch, she a succubus. Its all explained with that
by LintLord February 01, 2008
A way of saying a girl is well... "Bouncey bouncey bouncey bouncey fun fun fun fun fun" If you now what I mean ^_^
Mitch: Dude what was that you just your girl friend.

Dustin: Umm... her new nick name is tigger. ^_^
by lintlord May 17, 2007

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