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to be banged by Tiger Woods.
Current estimates place the number of women being tigered at roughly 1500 in the last six months.
by Guy Guysteinberg December 02, 2009
Robby Reeser
look at that elegant cat! what is that?
there are only 2 words to describe a striped cat like that: tiger -or- Robby Reeser
by Sabre-Tooth July 27, 2011
Inspired by golfer Tiger Woods.

1. noun. A person who cheats on his / her significant other with a horrendous amount of sexual partners.

2. verb. When a person cheats on his / her significant other with a horrendous amount of sexual partners.
1. That guy is such a tiger. He must be a walking STD!
That tiger is not out of the woods yet with his wife.

2. That guy tigers his wife.
by WoodsWhoak December 16, 2009
The group of women that have had sex with Tiger Woods.
Charlene: Hey, Maria. Guess what?
Maria: What?
Charlene: I just had sex with Tiger Woods.
Maria: Oh that's so funny I had sex with him a few days ago. We are both tigers now.
by NoPantsMan May 29, 2012
A tiger is a 'Graduated' "Cub" (in the terms of a Cougar/Cub relationship): who has had enough experiences with Cougars that he knows how to play the field of Cougars quite easily. A tiger is considered a dominant but learned CUB who usually likes to play the dominant role in the Cougar relationship.
Coming from a Cougar: "I started dating Sam, who was my 22 year old "Cub", but then I found out he actually was a Tiger and dumped him."
by SunKarma August 19, 2011
intransitive verb
Forms: tigered, tigering, tigers

Doing too many things at once
Sally is tigering again today with ten instant messages open.

John's wife divorced him today because he was tigering women.
by DaHumor December 11, 2009
the biggest, baddest tank of WWII. made by the germans.
The tiger tank pwned every tank it saw without mercy. until teh airstrike came.
by Mark the great June 07, 2007