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When person (male or female) cheats on their significant other with a horrendous amount of sexual partners.
Did you hear how many mistresses that tiger had? He must be a walking STD!
by WoodsWhoak December 16, 2009
A male stripper at Umass that dances for ladies with glow-in-blacklight tiger-stripes painted on the skin.
Hey Christina is having a birthday party, lets hire this Tiger guy, I hear good things.
by ziggoguy April 29, 2005
The Other Universal Noun (see wordDude and wordChief )

1) An Aquaitance
2) A Good Friend
3) A Bodacious Girl
What's up Tiger?

Whoa Tiger!

Hey Tiger, wheres yo stripes?
by Shaggy May 31, 2003
A sun burnt vag. thus makeing it an orange pussy , pussy cat . i think you get it
sun burnt + vagina= Orange Pussy= Tiger
by hahahahhathatsfunny May 30, 2011
A 35+ woman who preys on younger men for casual sex in the same way as a Cougar or Puma, but who whilst still having a hot tasty body has a face/head that definately shows its age.

From Tiger Prawn where you'd keep the tasty body, but discard the head and also keeping the cat theme of cougar, puma, etc.
Guy to friend in bar "I thought I was going to be in for some Cougar time with that woman at bar with the long blond hair and great ass, but when she turned round she was a real Tiger and I wouldn't touch her with yours"
by Feeling Down August 21, 2009
a term used to induce mass hysteria and druling from os x lovers
a: "hey have you seen it"
b: "what"
a: "you know"
b: "what?"
a: "tiger?"

person b and person a prolapse with joy
by nicky-nick-nick April 29, 2005
a horney sex animal who is often trying to get laid
wow easy tiger! im not that easy
by KicKaK March 06, 2005