the biggest, baddest tank of WWII. made by the germans.
The tiger tank pwned every tank it saw without mercy. until teh airstrike came.
by Mark the great June 07, 2007
Slang: A younger woman (teens to mid 20s) who goes after only older men, but who is NOT a gold digger. Essentially, the opposite of a cougar.

Girl: Sandra's a real tiger!
Guy: Really?
Girl: Yup, she hit on my grandpa at my sister's wedding rehearsal.
by Sake57 February 15, 2011
An older man who chases younger girls, sometimes inappropriately. Tends to be viewed by society as immoral. Often either rich, confident, or a strong combination of the two. A male version of the term "cougar".
"Did you meet our new boss?"

"Ya, he seems to be a tiger, I saw him taking a special interest in some of the younger, prettier girls."
by Cameryn leFay January 06, 2010
When you tan fully naked with a flaccid penis, later you become erect and the skin that was not exposed in the tanning bed becomes exposed, this allows for the penis to have both tan and untanned characteristics, hence the name the tiger
Dude, my girlfriend R-nut loves my tiger
by H-Nut March 10, 2008
A young woman in her twenties who is great in bed and is always on the prowl for younger men at bars.. Usually dresses like a cougar and is very hyper after lots of wine and sugar
Damn,Tim.. I bet that tiger is tight like a cougar. I'm gonna pour her more wine.
by Timtastico January 28, 2011
Leicester Tigers Rugby Club. The most successful club in the English premiership.
Tigers! Tigers! Tigers!
by LTigger September 19, 2010
To Tiger - to cheat on someone with multiple attractive girls
"Dude, he totally tigered cheryl"
by Nikfresh February 21, 2010

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