The largest of all big cats. Tigers live in India, Asia, Japan, and a few other places. They live in tropical rainforests and feed off of other animals (aka they're a carnivor). Unlike most cats, tigers love the water. They are orangey-brown and have magnificent stripes. They are very endangered because of destruction of their habitats, and also because of human insanity. Humans kill tigers for their beautiful striped coat. (If you ask me, it looks better on a tiger than as a mat or on some hag's body.) They don't eat humans, however if they are hungry enough I'm sure they would. They very well may attack a human if one is in a tiger's habitat ( Hey, I would too). I don't blame them. Some (crazy) animal trainers for circuses and animal amusement thingies like that train tigers to hop on their hind legs (yeah, right) and jump through rings of fire, and etc, etc. Of course, no wild animal in their right mind would NEVER do such a thing like that. But any who, tigers are one magnificent creature that I think should be worshipped and sacred. And to some people, they are. Oh, and also they have very sharp claws and big sharp teeth. They live alone besides when females are raising cubs.
Crazy circus trainer- "AHHHH! LOOK OUT! THAT TIGER'S OUT OF CONTROL!!!!"
Crazy guest- "Oh my God! You trained him, so control him!"
Crazy circus trainer- "I would if I could, dumb hag!"
Crazy guest- "Okay." -walks out casually-
by Nikki_catlover June 28, 2009
Another name for tim or timothy. Tiger's usually scratch or claw with their nails instead of using their fists like most men.
common bro! it called a fist fight! your using ur nails again! ur such a tiger!
by connor715 August 06, 2009
A middle aged man that hunts attractive women younger than him for sweet, sweet sex.

One that wants to go past the 18th hole.
Wow that Tiger Woods is a stud... I think we found a new definition for Urban Dictionary.
by Woobowiz January 01, 2010
A stalking hunter who physically deforms her prey, the tiger is known to ingest the same meal repeatedly, sometimes within seconds after the first course. She hungers for flesh and always has her one favorite meal. Thus, it supremely important to satisfy her. The tiger is a cool creature and very cuddly. She is also very intelligent. Impress her and she will dig her sharp claws in and never let go. Consider yourself extremely talented if you can keep up. If she finds her meal pleasing, the tiger will leave marks on your soul and your body.
"Jeremy was kidnapped, mauled, and repeatedly devoured by a tiger for three weeks. He will never be the same."

"Jackie found something she could adore, so she made dinner out of it. What a tiger!"
by AlbinoRhino22 January 24, 2015
When someone is expressing fatigue or exhaustion over the web to another person.

An alternative way of saying, "tired"
Just finished exams so I'm pretty tigers
by rien_mer June 13, 2011
The male version of a Cougar. An older man who likes younger girls and hunts them down.
I went Tiger on this girl last night, she was about nineteen.
by Chickenlaw April 24, 2011
Gay man who has moderate body hair, slender body type, versatile top-bottom, wears lots of horizontal stripes, can be sassy (some would say catty), majestic, enjoys dominance in bed. More experienced and dominant than a pup and less hairy than an otter. Often referred to as a power-gay.
Wow, that actor Matt Bomer is such a tiger.
by squidbloop April 16, 2015
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