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18 definitions by drzimo

What Ron Artest drinks at Halftime.
"I was down by 20 at the half, so I downed some Hennessy and started punching people in the stands."
by drzimo December 02, 2009
414 179
It's exactly what it sounds like.
That Brazilian fart porn we just watch had it all, Brazilians and farting.
by drzimo December 14, 2009
129 81
1. Something you'd like to receive as a gift.

2. The flute that Captain Picard played first in his imagination and then in real life in the episode "The Inner Light" from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Show me Picard's Flute.
by drzimo March 06, 2010
49 13
The moment when you realize that what you're looking at isn't a vagina, but rather a penis.
I went back to her place, hoping that there was no surprise involved.
by drzimo January 13, 2010
60 29
When a penis accidentally protrudes from the clothing in the view of others.
She had a nipslip, he had a tipslip.
by drzimo December 26, 2009
21 9
Cheating on your hot Swedish wife with media whores.
I got bored with my 27 year old wife, so I started Tigering and ruined my career.
by drzimo December 14, 2009
9 2
When you're at a boat party and forget about all your troubles.
I was so boatnitized I lost track of the time.
by drzimo June 02, 2011
5 1