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A strange weather phenomenon first widely discussed in winter 2006, involving a thunderstorm with snow instead of rain.
Thundersnow would be a great name for a heavy metal band.
by Ben Frey April 01, 2006
A freak type of snow storm that is accompanied by startlingly loud-ass thunder and lightning even though no rain is present.

Although not common, the phenomenon typically happens in the winter months around the Great Lakes areas of the U.S. and Canada.
The Weather Channel reporter almost shit himself when he was reporting in Chicago during a super thundersnow storm!
by dookeyboy February 03, 2011
The act of puting cocain on the asshole of a sexual partner. Said partner then emits a loud fart, launching cocain into the air for the other partner to snort mid-air.
Ryan loves when Alison gives him some thundersnow!
by Webbdingus January 18, 2007
The rare winter act where a severe snow storm becomes a "thundersnow." This involved a sever storm with thunder, lightning, rain and snow. It likely happens during a blizzard warning. Think apocalyptic. It is kinda like you are in a movie.
During the thundersnow, there are wind gusts up to 60 MPH and in Feb 2011 in Chicago they had 25 ft waves on Lake Michigan!
by jayhawkrules February 01, 2011
When a snowstorm has a threeway with lightning and thunder. Just like any threeway, it feels unnatural and makes the dog hide.
Stephen Colbert told me what thundersnow was.
by z21 January 28, 2011
What a moron calls a thunderstorm when the precipitation is frozen.

Only acceptable if you call thunder and lightning during a rain storm "Thunder Rain".
When confronted with lightning and a crack of thunder in a blizzard, the idiot meteorologist proclaimed "Oh my god! Thunder Snow! How very rare!"
by Dead_Cow February 08, 2011
When Mother Nature decides to kick it up an extra notch, because regular snow just isn't exciting enough.
You'd think 50mph winds and a freezing blizzard would be enough, but then we got Thunder Snow. Mother Nature must be on the rag.
by irishppldrnkalot February 01, 2011
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