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High-functioning autistic and Creator of the internet comic Sonichu. Is famous for his online antics involving numerous trolls towards his views. Also known as: Chris-chan, CWC, Chris Chandler
Alex: Dude, did you read the new issue of Sonichu yet?

Mao: Not yet. Did you see how Chris reacted to the new issue of Asperchu?

Alex: Yeah, Christian Weston Chandler really knows how to get crazy.
by HermanoBluth May 26, 2010
The Law of Bad News states that "90% of the news you receive will be negative in nature". See Finagle's Law.
Jim: Damn, I just found out I'm failing out of school, and yesterday I was told that I have testicular cancer, I'm 12,000 in credit card cancer, and I was just found out my girlfriend's pregnant.

Bob: Er.... well, I'm here to let you know that I got her pregnant.

Jim: Damn you, Law of Bad News
by HermanoBluth June 10, 2010
When thunder and lightning strike during a snow storm
Jim Cantore: Whoa! Holy shit, lightning just struck! Did you see that? That Thundersnow!
by HermanoBluth February 02, 2011

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