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a crybaby loser pussy-type who needs to grow some cajones and start acting like a man
Billy: "Dude, I can't get Ronnie to play tackle football with us 'cause he's too afraid of getting hit."

Jimmy: "It doesn't surprise me, he's always been a fuckin' jackwagon anyway."
by dookeyboy November 22, 2010
Ignorant way of saying, texting, or posting on facebook the contraction of should have (should've). Especially pathetic when supposedly educated people use the phrase.
I should of paid attention in high school English class so my participles wouldn't be dangling.
by dookeyboy November 21, 2010
Petty, dim-witted, female dictator from a large but sparsely populated state who abdicated the throne after 2 years to move on to greener pasture$ and spread propaganda in hopes of a coup d'etat of the U.S. Government in 2012.

See also Gorilla from Wasilla and Caribou Barbie.
Mooselini has made quite a few appearances on Faux News ever since she abdicated and was supposedly going into hiding.
by dookeyboy November 18, 2010
A sarcastic phrase used to inform someone they are pursuing the wrong course of thought/action or barking up the wrong tree.

Comes from Obi-Wan Kenobi's use of an old Jedi mind trick on Stormtroopers in Star Wars Episode IV in order to help them avoid Imperial entanglements.
Homeboy: "Man, why can't I get in da club tonight, yo?!"

Bouncer: "Holmes, these aren't the droids you're looking for wit'cha pants on da ground. You gon' have to hang elsewhere tonight with that attire."
by dookeyboy January 20, 2011
Phrase every American traveling through an airport should utter before being screened by security so the TSA will start harassing people who actually look like real terrorists.
Screener: "I'm going to pat you once on the inner thigh, twice on the ass, three times on your belly button, and then finally stick four fingers and some jelly in yer bunghole, alright honey? If you're uncomfortable with that we can head over to the janitor room right there and do a quick private thingy, k puddin'?"

Passenger: "Do whatchu gotta do, but don't touch my junk or I'll have you arrested."
by dookeyboy November 18, 2010
The Monday after Thanksgiving Day, when online retailers keep the Black Friday-like bullshit going by constantly bombarding our e-mail inboxes and facebook statuses with annoying-ass ads to buy their products on our employers' time.

These companies apparently don't realize their tactics actually have the reverse effect and that many of us are actually out deer hunting on this day and are carrying loaded .30-06 (thirty-aught-six) rifles.
If I get one more Cyber Monday e-mail today from company X I'm gonna blow my fucking laptop up!
by dookeyboy November 29, 2010
1. To dump a chick with whom you are fed up.

2. To leave a place or hangout (usually in a huff or quickly) because it's lame or has become tiresome.
1. Man, I'm sick her drama, yo! I'm 'bout to 86 this bitch when I talk to her ass again!

2. Marcus: "Man, da bouncer won't let me in da club 'cause he said my pants on da ground, yo!

Sean: "For realz, playa? That's whack! Let's 86 this bitch anyway, yo!"
by dookeyboy November 23, 2010

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