The act of shaking back and forth vigorosly to the point where your balls hit your gouch making a clapping sound
yo all dis thunderclapping is starting to hurt my nutsack!
by ayna September 01, 2007
a thunder is the sound made when a "heavy" man tries running, the sound of the scrotem hitting his thighs.
Wow! I just heard him thunder clap like twice in football practice
by Big Sanch June 21, 2005
(n) the sound put off by the rubbing or slapping of thunder thighs, specifically while the subject is walking
Holy shit, did you just hear that chick's thunder clap?
by absence May 06, 2004
when one is sitting apon a toilt, and lets out a large fart, that may resemble thunder
guy on toilt: (lets out a thunderclap)
his mom: holy shit did you here that thunder
by DJ jamma jam jam October 12, 2011
The act of making your hands flat (like a high five) and inserting one hand in a chicks ass and the other in her pussy then proceeding to clap your hands together.
man: hey do u want to step it up from the shocker

girl: o yea baby gimme the thunder clap!
by 80artemis June 04, 2010
A game in which a person, or group of people, (usually intoxicated) run into a random house until they see a person in the house at which point the player should scream "THUNDERCLAP!!!" The person should then run out of that house and to the next house they see.

*If you go on one block, eventually the neighbours will start calling eachother with a warning, or the cops.
Person A: "Last night I was super tanked with (person B) and we played a kick ass game of Thunderclap... The look on each person's face was PRICELESS!"

by anonymousish November 27, 2009
A new STD, with a similar appearance to that of Gonorrhea.

Limp Dick
Swollen Testes
Puss-like Cum
Tomato Red Genital Area

Only Affects Males, Females are Carriers

200 known cases in the Statesboro, GA area
Chris has Thunderclap, but that doesn't affect Alicia's pussy.
by GingerBread Man, M.D. September 13, 2008

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