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A new STD, with a similar appearance to that of Gonorrhea.

Limp Dick
Swollen Testes
Puss-like Cum
Tomato Red Genital Area

Only Affects Males, Females are Carriers

200 known cases in the Statesboro, GA area
Chris has Thunderclap, but that doesn't affect Alicia's pussy.
by GingerBread Man, M.D. September 13, 2008
4 17
when one experiences the clap (gonorrhea) of such severity that when the victim stands up his or her disease-ridden vaginal lips or testicles lifelessly collide together thus producing a most thunderous sound.
Today during class Renée stood up and her resulting thunderclap could be heard for miles.
by vulgardefinitions October 25, 2009
7 21
A fart so loud, swift and explosive that its rapid expulsion causes the ass cheeks to clap together after it has passed through.

May or may not be accompanied by a foul odour of methane. Also known as a thunderboomer.
Stop eating those bean and egg salad sandwiches - one more thunderclap, and I'll have to glue your ass cheeks together!
by Googles January 09, 2005
12 27
The sexual process in which the male inserts one hand into a woman's vagina, and the other in the woman's anus.
The male then proceeds to clap his hands together through the woman's body, crushing many internal organs and causing the woman gratituous amounts of pain.
John: "Man, I totally thunderclapped Susan last night. Now they are trying to charge me with murder."
Harry: "At least your not a nigger!"
by pencilgnome May 19, 2007
30 57