A scientific term used to describe an advanced stage of Chlamydia, in which the genitals are covered with blistery and often puss filled pustules that pop like thunder. Often resembling the face of a pizza delivery boy.
I knew that girl was slutty, but I didn't realize how slutty until I heard her thunderclaps from across the room!
by Walker Thundercox September 20, 2011
The name of the famous (or infamous) roller coaster that few elite individuals have the privilage of riding on at Clemson University's Orientation, founded by OA Neyle Noyse in 2012.
Hey, who wants to go take a ride on the THUNDERCLAP?

*crowd goes wild*
by StantTheMan July 03, 2012
The sound of a chick's tits clapping together when she rides you violently. Most common with full breasted women.
My girl was riding me so hard last night the sound of her 34DDD tits thunder clapping together was so hot I just had to get a handfull.
by petestokes March 08, 2007
The action in which the male ejaculates onto the palm of his hand and then slaps his partner in the face, creating a loud clapping noise.
Man, when I got done I gave that girl a thunderclap and showed her who's boss.
by DJ Stymie August 11, 2006
When you're fucking a girl missionary style and her *Panel is flying back and forth creating a clapping sound.
"When I was with her over the weekend, I heard some loud noise. She was Thunder Clapping the whole time when I was fucking her"
by Slappy Fack November 30, 2006
When one has massive diarrhea that explodes out of the rectum with such force that it sprays all over the bowl and even on the adjacent wall.
I've have so much Taco Bell this week that every time i poop it's like a thunder clap coming out of my ass
by Jonathan Maroney October 23, 2010
the name for a very obese woman
DAYMN! Check out that thunderclap over there! I bet she caused that thunderstorm.
by CottonCandyYo April 25, 2010

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