Really fat thighs that have super gross dimples and wrinkles or "cellulite" and jiggle in every single direction possible and clapping together which makes them jiggle even more, causing extreme hatrid toward the fat ass for having such fuckin gross thighs which explode with every fuckin step. Thighs of this size are known to cause extreme damage to any chairs and make you laugh really hard.
Dude: dude check out that ladies thighs!
by Dev B. November 06, 2006
Veins going down the leg that look like thunder bolts.
Damn that bitch has thunder thighs, RUN FOR THE HILLS!
by FlySqueaksFly February 23, 2011
Of a woman, large, broad hips and thighs. One of the most distasteful images possible is a woman of such build in a bikini.
by KHD June 26, 2003
This word is used to describe a really fat person. A thunderthighs person have really big thighs, make loud farts, constipate, and eat a lot. A thunderthighs person also annoys people a lot. A thuderthighs person also brags and has no sportsmanship. This is my message to you: Don't be a thunde-rthighs person because a thunderthighs human is an annoying bastard.
by ieatrice32154 October 15, 2011
An extremely overweight individual who cannot walk without their thighs making a thundering clap.
This term has been used mistakenly to myself.

I had a horrible bicycle accident when I was young and my right thigh was ripped open, even though they stitched it with 16 stitches, I still feel pain more than 10 years later.

This part they stitched isn't flat like the rest of my thigh so it tends to rub against my other thigh and because this accident made it hard for me to be active, yes I am a big guy - not a fat guy, my legs are more muscle than fat, I can bike my 280 body up a vertical hill on a 1 speed freestyler (sometimes I can't do it right leg goes completly numb) well thats why I am not offended, because I am not the one your joke is even ment to be aimed at.

"John had a terrible accident, and now years later some few jealous - ex girlfriend co-workers are calling him 'thunder thighs', which is mistakenly used and is way out of context.. John thinks they should go F$!$#@ themselves!"
by John.Haynes February 24, 2008
a word used when a female has large thighs.
damn those are some big ass thunder thighs .
via giphy
by big booty hoeez May 18, 2016
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