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A pimped out gangsta with lots of ice
Whoa look at that thugalicious pimp.
by laurencarakelsi February 07, 2003
a joke that actually means the opposite of thug- usually said with sarcasm. a comical stab at words with suffixes like "licious" such as bootylicious which are generally just pretty stupid
She's a thugalicious as a tall white girl can be!
by lisagirl April 09, 2003
The contract security guard that sits in a booth typically near a government facility. This individual typically has one pant leg pushed up to his knee.
I tried to park my car, but Thug-a-licious told me I had to move on.
by Government employee August 23, 2006
A brutha with street style that isn't ghetto. Is smooth and has some class when he opens his mouth.
Dre is so thugalicious, I would love to get next to him.
by Ambiekitten December 23, 2005
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