a Thug can be described a few differnt ways. One of them is growing up in poverty dealing with struggles every single day and feeling that life is hopeless like they have no future all there is look forward to is another drug deal, crime, etc that is one way of a thug.

A Thug can also be described as a person who has lead a life of crime, a few example of a thug would be robbing people to supply their drug habbets, bank robberys, killing people, you know the rest thats another way of describin a thug.

another way of puttin it is you can be a thug if you have nothing instore for u, you dont take shit from anyone, your depressed and having nothing left to give, and dont have a care in the world about anything.
"yo that boy mark str8 thuggin always gettin in trouble."
"chea ya heard he iced that liqour store last week"
"hell naw nigga but he a str8 thug 187"
by sean_iz_a_messiah September 02, 2006
Anyone or anything that is revolutionary, rebellious or goes against what is usually considered socially acceptable.

pronounced Tee Hug.

Wow that dude is such a T Hug!
by P. Rockwell June 11, 2006
a person who has little respect for others, and him/herself. a thug has a below average iq and likes to take part in illegal activity such as, drug dealing/use, fighting, killing, etc. a thug will go to great lengths to protect his "turf," most likely a street corner, or a shitty playground. it's easy to spot a thug: on the corner, pants around the knees, bandana or doorag on head, peach-fuzz goatee and a diamond earing, "tough guy" look on face. a thug loves: money, drugs, 40's, extremely loud rap music, fighting, underage girls, being abnoxious, spray paint, doo-rags, weapons, and grills. thugs dislike: reading, smiles, puppies (with exception to pitbulls), rainbows, led zepplin, and skiing.
a thug likes to protect his turf and act like a badass, they are animalistic in their attempt to become an alpha-male. we can understand this by looking at nba's ben wallace. he personifies "thug" perfectly by his actions on and off the court.
by leroy jackson March 31, 2007
1. People that use violence and behave poorly towards other people.
2. Another description of the average Republican.
3. George W. Bush.
The word thug is an entierly accurate description of most Republicans, especially Bush and his friends.
by MrClean March 22, 2006
a video game for computers. made by a teen in lefroy (canadian town) features 10 zones (the last of which is a boss fight zone) the game is rated 'M' (mature 17+) for, blood,violence,and language. it is available online as a free download, on the games official site- www.thugvideogame.i8.com
"yo man i was thuggin last night"
"i will whoop you thug style bro"
by thugs-creator February 21, 2009
you f8ckn thug... gimma back my money
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
any person,usually a man,that has commited murder and lives a life of crime
Da hood and da ghetto turned me into a thug...
by Ernesto March 17, 2005

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