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Opperating Under Thug Laws As Warrior Z; consisted of Makaveli The Don Killuminati, E.D.I. Mean, Mo Komani, Hussien Fatal, Napoleon, Kastro, Moozalini, and Yaki Kadafi.
Thug Life, Outlawz, WESTSIDE!
by KiLLA KADAFi October 08, 2003
Tupac's second group, after thuglife. consisted of alot of rappers such as young noble, 2pac, kadafi, E.D.I, Napoleon etc
by tensop March 16, 2003
Operating Under Thug Lawz A Warriors - Tupac
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
One of the greatest rap groups today. Used to be run by tupac shakur(rip 1971-1996).It has some great talents like Napolian,EDI etc. Napolian has currently found his muslim background and is in Australia promoting gangs to stop the violence.
The outlawz have made famous on of the best diss tracks eva 'HIT EM UP'.
by shane diaz July 15, 2006
operatin under thug lawz az warriors
da best rappers alive
Napoleon is the best Big Up
neva surrenda
ride wid us or collide wid us
by THUGNAPOLEON April 15, 2004
133t Clan On (Starcraft)

Members chillin Channel: Op KnOcK on the Useast server.

tag is OuTLawZ-

by OuTLawZ-GoSu October 28, 2003
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