a nostalgia for past cultural productions cultural icons (such as food, beverages, fashion designs, movies, literature) and technological inventions
i often have a throw-back for movies such as the Home Alone series. maybe i should have a throw-backer sometime?
by Sexydimma January 17, 2015
A fish caught that measures under the legal limit.
Toss it back in the lake, that fish is a throwback.
by pansyfairy November 27, 2012
West coast rapper known for his old school style and sexual references in songs. AKA Big Daddy Rob, birth name Robert Mejia.
Hey, the DJ on "The Beat" said Throwback's opening for Red Cloud tonight.
by pansyfairy November 30, 2012
A female you have no feelings for but clings on to you as if you are in a dating situation, all you are after is sex

A female that may also be considered unsightly unless you have had a few alcoholic beverages

A female who sucks in the sack
That bitch Katie is nothing but a ThrowBack, she'll do for a root, but that's about it

Guy#1: How was your date last night

Guy#2: Naah, she was a throwback
by CtrlAlt_Elite January 30, 2014
A type of kickback where many of the guests must be "thrown back" to avoid becoming a complete party.
yea but I heard it will probably be a throwback since he has a small house.
by party master234 May 12, 2011
When you order an expensive meal at a nice restaurant, and complain about the meal, in hopes of getting it for free or cheap.
Man, that nigga JJ jus ran throwback on his meal again.
by Cody Braun December 03, 2007
Throwbacks is a response to something someone says to you. It is a way to say, back to the person, exactly what the person said you. It is another way to say "ditto"or repeat what was said to you.
Person #1: "Hey, Man, I have not heard from you in a long time. Just wanted to say, I miss yah, and have been thinking of you."

Person #2: "Throwbacks!"
by StokedLove June 14, 2011

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