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Throwbacks is a response to something someone says to you. It is a way to say, back to the person, exactly what the person said you. It is another way to say "ditto"or repeat what was said to you.
Person #1: "Hey, Man, I have not heard from you in a long time. Just wanted to say, I miss yah, and have been thinking of you."

Person #2: "Throwbacks!"
by StokedLove June 14, 2011
3 7
something in the past that was popular but still recognizable such as music,cars,clothes etc..
I have Earvin "Magic" Johnson's throwback jersey when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers.
by Gerard Irick May 12, 2010
5 15
When you go poop and it doesn't go down after the flush
Guy 1- "dude, did you leave a steamer in my toilet again?"
Guy 2- "nah man, I flushed that for sure. Maybe it's just a throwback"
by Bear p October 16, 2009
4 14
The remenants of a reach-around administered by a flick of the wrist to ones face.
"After she jerked me off I gave her a spiderman which she quickly returned with a throwback.. I got it in my eye and everything!"
by DangerousFish1 June 29, 2009
18 28
an ex or previous sexual partner. someone whom you had some form of relations with in the past.
Jackie: " girl you won't believe what i did last night! "
Mellissa: " it wasnt crack right?!?!?! "
Jackie: " no i don' messed around and had sex with my throwback. "
by jackjackx3 March 08, 2009
19 29
A reject. When someone is an overall waste of time/space. Referring to ice fishing, when you catch a fish that is not of a suitable size, you throw it back in.
When a couple of douches with ed hardy shirts and mowhawks walk by:

Look at these f*ckin throwbacks...
by Kbubs June 02, 2010
26 37
slang term for ecstasy (MDMA) in northern new jersey. Originated from the act of THROWING the pill in your mouth to the BACK of your throat.
we got some amazing throwbacks at this club. do you want to throw back and go to nyc?
by noyb876 February 24, 2010
11 22