something in the past that was popular but still recognizable such as music,cars,clothes etc..
I have Earvin "Magic" Johnson's throwback jersey when he played for the Los Angeles Lakers.
by Gerard Irick May 12, 2010
A fitted baseball cap with a flat brim. Frequently features a much higher level of craftsmanship than an ordinary baseball cap, and orders of magnitude more expensive. A throwback worn over a doo-rag is a popular style among hip-hop artists and fans.
I'm going down to Lidz to pick up a throwback.
by surfin' bird December 11, 2009
1) Old-School, Outdated, From the past

2) Undesirable, Unsuitable, Not worthy of being chosen.
1-A) Clothing - Na, them pants is throwbacks; remember when I used to wear 'em back in 8th grade?
1-B) Music - I wanna hear a good throwback from the 90's!

2-A) Female - I'm tellin' you dog, she's a straight up nasty throwback.
2-B) Food - That egg salad is smelling like a throwback to me!
by ikeykey January 24, 2009
a jersey; preferably for basketball teams
...with stains of your lipgloss on my throwback...
by liDdLe x shOrtii April 11, 2003
very old fashion
damn that mc hammer video is throw back
by Taylor November 25, 2003
sports jersey
"it'll be a clip toss if i go back, with stains of your lip gloss on my throwback" -- fabolous
by philly chick April 23, 2003
a nasty looking girl that you pick up at a club or party thinking she's ok, then after a while you realize she's not as good looking as you thought.
guy a: dude i went home with this fugly chick last night and i didnt realize it til we got back to my place.
guy b: haha a throwback huh? what did ya do about it?
guy a: i told her i was sick and threw up in the bathroom so she left
by douchon February 24, 2008

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