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Old Scots term for fornication.
Old wifey overheard in pub: "Ma lumis needin' some serious houghmagandie, ye ken!"
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
19-20th century vernacular for the vagina. A 'lum' was initially a slang word for the flue that drew smoke from an open fire up to the chimney on the rooftop. Lum as a slnag term is quite popular with women of a certain age and social background.
Ah'm goan away tae Benidorm tae get ma auld lum swept by they spanish waiters!!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
A 'traveller' who has no respect for authority,society,the environment, himself or his offspring. A thieving cad who steals cars, who runs into a young schoolboy whilst travelling at 60mph in a built-up area, kills him and drives on with his pals laughing in the back. Disappears into the 'travelling community' but is eventually caught and will go to jail and get the shit kicked out of him.
FACT: Gypsy travellers shield murderers!!
#gypsy #murderer #gyppo #thief #unclean
by Skirtlifter January 18, 2007
Loose, flabby upper-arm flesh of (usually) fat women in cap-sleeved rayon blouses who attend bingo halls. Bingo wing development can be accelerated by consuming vast quantities of C.Cola and burgers. See also bingo flaps, though my def has more 'ring' to it!
Check the bingo wing on that! If she flapped those arms, she'd take off!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
Forget the historical defs.

'Gypsy' is usually prefixed by 'Thieving' because that's what nearly all of them do. They are filthy, dishonest rip-off merchants, and that's just their children. They are NOT cool - at all! As in 11 above, they do indeed carry stolen gear in their Transit vans, that is when they're not hauling off monoblock/garden rubbish/gas canisters to dump anywhere and blight the environment. They also shit into poly bags,which they leave scattered around their sites. The men are lazy workers (bit of any oxymoron, that!), and they travel the country in vehicles that have forged documents, and have no insurance.
They are scum, period!
Those thieving gypsies.............
by skirtlifter January 11, 2005
Aussie term for a morning erection brought on by a full bladder.
don't jack it: it's a pissfat!!
by skirtlifter January 10, 2005
Type of extremely hot Indo/Pak/Banglandeshi curry, viz Vindaloo, Phall, Jhallfrezie. These curries are loaded with green chillies and ginger. On voiding, next day, the curry exits as hot - if not hotter - than it went in, stinging the anal sphincter in the manner of holding a lit Zippo lighter to the anus!
This curry is gonna be a ringburner in the morning!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
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