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2 definitions by douchon

Any person who weighs more than 200 lbs, smokes and still buys lunch from the high school after they have graduated. Drives a shitty car and mooches off his mother as well, also has no friends.
shrew is a nickname that originated from the person named jeremy kernan. he has short black hair and small eyes just like a real shrew.
by douchon February 23, 2008
a nasty looking girl that you pick up at a club or party thinking she's ok, then after a while you realize she's not as good looking as you thought.
guy a: dude i went home with this fugly chick last night and i didnt realize it til we got back to my place.
guy b: haha a throwback huh? what did ya do about it?
guy a: i told her i was sick and threw up in the bathroom so she left
by douchon February 24, 2008