a "hardcore dance" performed at "hardcore" shows by a group of 3-6 bffl "hardcore kids" usually male.
it consists of:

->standing in a line, in the middle of a crowd waiting for the band to start.

->pushing everyone aside, leaving yourself space to look ridiculous infront of everyone you just pushed away with your toughshit attitude and the band you adore oh so much.

->possibly getting in a fight, or just displaying a tougher toughshit attitude towards anyone else who wants to have fun by moshing or jumping around - which looks less ridiculous than throwdown & engages more people to enjoy themselves, instead of standing there angry at you for making a fool of yourself -
** note: it's quite possible that the kids you've just pushed away/got toughshit towards, like the band just as much, IF NOT MORE than you do. **

2)throwing your arms around rapidly, as if you were once a part of the local swim team until your coach realized how terrible you looked doing the breast stroke.

3)kicking mid air like you were once a part of a karate team until your sensei realized how ridiculous you looked, period.

4)the occasional side flip like you're an ex-gymnist on cocaine.

this left you feeling angry at the world, causing you to get tuffmother fucker and have a cocky scene attitude towards anyone who can't throwdown like you can. because you are just omg so SxE HxC SCENExCORE tough shit.
"man, i can't wait to throwdown tonight. i am soo tough"
by michelle.xx May 27, 2006
Top Definition
some boys were all up in our ish so we hadta throw down ta represent.
by Not Asian or An Etard July 15, 2003
To contribute money to marijuana.
I'll throw down $5 for that sack
by d-unit June 25, 2003
to street fight - comes from throwing down the gauntlet
you need to throw down when he's being an asshole
by Dog May 17, 2002
1] to fight.
she was up in my face and i was ready to throwdown hardcore.
by xdx August 31, 2003
Usage: either as two words (throw down) or one (throwdown).

1. noun - Uncommon passion when having sex, making out, or some other form of sexual contact. Usually involves groping or aggression, sometimes growling, and varying degrees of being on the edge of losing self-control.

2. verb - to make something happen in a big way. to perform well, brilliantly, with virtuosity.

3. verb - to drink. a lot.

4. verb - to fight and win. Losing a fight should not be referred to as "throwing down."
"Wow... he's such a quiet guy. Who knew he'd have that kind of throwdown?"

"That band was off the chain! They threw the f**k down!"

"Oh, it's been a long week. I think it's about to be a case of the doublefisted throwdown with that case over there."

"Ooh... That dude at the bar was chattin' up the wrong girl. her man was about to throw down."
by Ninja Gorilla October 16, 2006
1) A Hardcore band.
2) A violent dance often displayed at hardcore shows.
1) I like throwdown. They sound nice to my ears.
2) There was throwdown at the 'Himsa' show. It was nice.
by Mortemer November 10, 2003
To contribute money towards the purchase of something.
JohnO: hey, Homs I'm gunna go get some monsters, You want some?
Homs: Yea man, I'll throw down.
by TheRealJohnO December 28, 2004
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