about to kick some ass like theres no tommorow
I asked josh if he wanted to throwdown, and all he said was that hes never refused.
by Masta Kim February 28, 2006
The have a large party
"He threw down hardcore last weekend"
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
A major blowout or party. To have a great time and have others do the same.
We went to a major throwdown in Myrtle BEach
by J Largent May 29, 2008
To Mosh/Slamdance/Two-step
Dude you gunnu throw down in the pit tonight?
by Dwight August 17, 2005
to have a huge party
Brad threw down hardcore last night.
by Brad May 22, 2003
Fuck Some One Up
"Yo Ima bout to THROW DOWN wid this bytch"
by Alysia January 03, 2005
1. to fight

2. perform or produce something extremely well.

3. An individual contribution to a group project.

Comes from the phrase "To throw down the gauntlet", which means to issue a challenge. In medieval times a knight would throw his armored glove, or gauntlet, at the feet of another knight to challenge him to combat. If the knight took up the gauntlet he accepted the challenge.
1. You got a problem with me? Let's throwdown, right now!

2. He can really throwdown a beat.

3. "We're getting pizza. Are you in?" "Yea, I'll throwdown."
by IsoldaM January 13, 2013
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