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The real fuckin deal. Dr.Dre is the rapper of all rappers. There ain't no rapper that can produce phat songs as good as the muthafuckin D.R.E!
Yo let's test your new system with some dre
by d-unit August 15, 2003
To contribute money to marijuana.
I'll throw down $5 for that sack
by d-unit June 25, 2003
To take something.
I pinched a cigarette from my dad
by d-unit August 14, 2003
When a females pants are so tight in her crotch area you can see her labia through them. This phenonmenon makes it look like she has a yo-yo down her pants. IE Cameltoe
Yo that broad is totally packing a yo-yo!
by D-Unit September 08, 2003
To be caught.
Shit, kevin got linched by the 5-0.
by d-unit August 14, 2003
A womans vagina.
Did ya stick it in her blood cave?
by D-Unit June 14, 2004
A dime = 10
Gram = $10
Dime bag = $10 worth = One gram

Westsiiiide BC bud
I only got 10 bucks, throw me a D ó×?bag (a gram).
by d-unit August 14, 2003

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