to street race with another driver
"Looks like he wanna throw down"
by Dirge April 16, 2005
have an open house party
yo man john threw down this week there were like 100 kids
throw down
by Emile December 20, 2005
To take a massive dump.
Man, ive had to throw down all day, my stomach is killing me.
by B.F.K. September 17, 2003
dumb scene kids looking like idiots dancing to hardcore music by kicking, throwing punches, or pushing each other around
"lets throw it down in the pit dude"
by Manda March 27, 2005
To approach a girl and engage in conversation
In a night club situation 'What the hell are you waiting for man? Throw Down!' -make your life more interesting
by Craig Barber January 17, 2005
to dunk in someones face
He was 6'6" and i threw down all over him
by airjordanballer April 06, 2004
to verbally challenge someone
Mac Ten gave a throw down to Izzy after Izzy got all up in his shit.
by G Dawg August 03, 2004
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