Top Definition
a combination of five and three
that hie has threeve nipples
by heywood jeblowme July 28, 2003
A number halfway between three and five that is not four.
I can do it. I will do it threeve times.
by Gondargle December 24, 2003
equal to or greater than a vacation at your local gulag

a number in the realm of/a combination of 3-5.

The answer to all of life's questions
That bitch had precisely threeve tits, needless to say i was both confused and aroused.

Yo chief what's the answer to that question..... shit I know it's threeve.
by Sklimbop Jones I esq June 10, 2010
from the mind of elliot drury used in association with marajauna
to have atleast 3-5 pieces goin at any one time
combination of three and five
we had a threeve session
by el drury April 21, 2005
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