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The last name for dank people with big cocks.
"I want to sleep with you cause your a Drury."
by magicjack December 31, 2009
*deep prison bitch daddy voice* _____(fill in blank) ...bitch.
Friend: Hey, Quiznos for lunch eh? what size of sandwich did you get?
Drury: *deep prison bitch daddy voice* 9 inches bitch.

Operator: so thats a pepperoni with mushroom pizza, what size would you like?
Drury: *deep prison bitch daddy voice* 12 inches bitch.
by cellblock69 February 04, 2010
mayonaise guzzling whore
i totally piped drury last night, she totally guzzuled my mayonaise
by duke4590 April 07, 2007
Usually a figure who is imbreaded or retarted. Also somebody who is mentally insane and is a sadistic homosexual nymphomaniac. A Person or Thing who is molded in shape of a spermspermhead or non human creature. Moves in a slimery manner just like a sperm
"my god that hideous thing looks like a Drury!!!"
by Dave-0 August 19, 2006

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