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To engage in sexual intercourse with two other parters simultaniously.

Generally involving two males and one female. Mostly one of the males will insert his penis into the females mouth whilst the second male inserts his penis into her vagina or anus.
"That chick does three way."
by U.S. Census Board April 23, 2003
While driving in a car, the act of coming to a three way stop sign. In order for it to be considered a true three way, you must arrive at the exact same instant as two other people.
Person 1: I had a three way with Debbie and one of her girlfriends yesterday.
Person 2: Is that so?
Person 1: Oh yeah, true story
Person 2: How was it?
Person 1: Boy, let me tell you, that Debbie sure can stop!
Person 2: You mean go...right?
by IAMSODOT April 11, 2005
When you have sex with two other people at the same time, or are involved in a sexual situation with two people at the smae time.
Girl sucking man's dick while another man fucks her in the ass.
by Tabb June 17, 2005
"three way" is short for "three way call". A telephone conversation that includes three people.
Guy: do ya two ladies wants ta gots uh three way wiff me? sho 'nuff!
Ladies: You sick bastard!
Guy: i meant uh three way telephone call. what 'chew trippin foo'
by GanstaG October 21, 2010
When ordering a roast beef sandwich with sauce, mayo, and cheese
Franky: What are ya gettin on your super beef
Don: Three Way of course
by MrMirbi July 27, 2010
In the northeast, generally north shore MA, a roast beef sandwich with the toppings american cheese, bbq sauce, and mayo.
Customer: Yo can I get a junior beef?

Employee: How you want it?

Customer: three way
by DrLove1023 May 13, 2008
A chili meal, most popular in Cincinnati, that consists of pasta, chili, and cheddar cheese.
I'll have the three way for dinner.
by Jen October 15, 2003
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