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"The flap of vag that extrudes from the lips. Thus giving the illusion of a roast beef sandwich. Thick beef or shaved, either way "bon appetit"
Adam: "Hey Leeroy, wanna get some lunch?"
Leeroy: "Nah man, had some nasty roast beef sandwich lastnight"
Adam: "Hanging with my sis again"
Leeroy: "Yeah!"
by tayfromthebay July 25, 2006
59 18
A portable method of dining upon meat and cheese. Roast beef and a cheese slice of whatever sort is placed between 2 pieces of bread, or 3 for a double-decker, 4 for a quad decker, etc. Sauce and vegetables are usually preferred.
I was quite famished when I returned home, so I prepared a roast beef sandwich to quell my hunger.
by kvkvjkvgcgcgh v vo May 21, 2011
17 7
a distigusting vagina also soemtimes known as mac n' cheese should not be traded for prime rib

a.k.a. - kaitlyn
oh jesus gil you gave up prime rib for a roast beef sandwich?
by not chris turner November 23, 2007
7 22
the well had portions of a chick's fuck hole the hang after a long ball session. Much like meat curtains
dam I banged her so hard it looked like a roast beef sandwich when I was done.
by J.F. February 12, 2003
10 26