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n - a gripping and shaking of hands by three individuals, as to symbolize greeting, congratulation, agreement, or farewell. Awkwardly performed when one individual extends their arm forward to intiate the handshake procedure, but two other individuals both assume that they are soley the ones the gesture is performed toward, which results in an overlapping of the two's hands gripping the initial hand.
Guy #1: Sup guys?
Guy #2: Nothing much.
Girl #1: Haven't seen you in a while.
*Guy #1 extends an arm to initaite the handshake procedure*
*Guy #2 and Girl #1 both assume they are being asked for a handshake so they extend their arms overlapping, and firmly grip Guy #1's hand and release after a short skake*
*Guy #1 walks away*
Guy #2: That was awkward.
Girl #1: Did we just do a three-way handshake?
by Gorillafaceoff May 14, 2011