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A mad Aussie band that is totally unique, has a fresh sound and does Australia proud. They had their first hit "Wasting Time" in 2004, which was followed by the successful "Emancipate Myself", "My Completeness", "Someday Someday" and "In The Summertime".
Album: Thirsty Merc (Self-titled) 2004

Lead singer: Has awesome curly hair
by princess April 21, 2005
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a really pathetic excuse for music.

the singer needs to learn his moustache is NOT cool.

And dress like a non faggot.
thirsty merc are crap, nuff said, HANH!
by Riksta May 06, 2005
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Rather dissapoiting australian band who sound just like every other gay pop band, and are waisting valuable airtime on the radio for better bands like Jet and Spiderbait.
thirsty merc can fuck off
by Aussie Rocker April 24, 2005
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