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best word in the world. its crunk. HANH!
niggaz stay crunk like HANH!
by Riksta March 04, 2005
a character the Cat in Red Dwarf turns into occassionally, especially when the emohawk has taken away his "cool".

Duane Dibley is the Duke of Dork.
What's it turned me into? Duane Dibley? DUANE DIBLEY? I Don't Wanna Be Duane Dibley!
by Riksta April 24, 2005
Legend from Adelaide, Australia.
Extremely popular and all the fly bitches love him.
Yo Riksta, Yo Riksta
by Riksta December 02, 2004
its a derivitave of the term "parylitic" which means paralysed in the muscles.

commonly used as slang in australia to describe somebody who has drank so much that they have reached a state of being unable to move, speak etc.

the term "parro" is also used to describe someone who is just incredibly drunk. See example below.
I've drank so much that while I'm putting this definition up I could be classed as "parro", and probably would be "parro" at most high school parties with the amount I have drunk.

However, because I am not in high school, and because I can still use my fingers to type, I am not parylised and therefore techinically not "parro".
by Riksta May 28, 2005
slang for grafitti. taken from the footy player koutafides.
he got busted for doing koutafides on the dunny wall.
by Riksta December 04, 2004
a crunk chic who defined Ying Yang Twins on UrbanDictionary.

I gots no idea who she is, but according to me she crunk.

Fuck dese CnUts who define bad shit bouts her.

Method Gurl, Y'all be keepin it crunk!!! Look me up baby!
Ain't Got No Example for dis fine crunk hunny!
by Riksta March 04, 2005
a really pathetic excuse for music.

the singer needs to learn his moustache is NOT cool.

And dress like a non faggot.
thirsty merc are crap, nuff said, HANH!
by Riksta May 06, 2005
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