When you moon someone your ass crack and the see all your ass pubes and gooch hair
ew dude you just showed me the valley
by johnny sprocketts July 10, 2008
They call themselves THE valley, but there are many valleys in the world not just the porn capital of the world San Fernando Valley.
Me: Why can't Skagit Valley in Washington State be called THE valley?

Porn star from San Fernando Valley: Cause you don't gots da pr0ns der.

Me: That's true =(
by Native Washingtonian April 27, 2008
Chillest place north of the border, the valley is located where Sudbury was originally intended to be built (a crater). Also known as V-Town to local residents, it houses roughly half of the city's grow-ops, the only non-artificially restored greenery in the Greater Region of Sudbury, and about half of Ontario's French population in Hanmer. It's hella tight. Yo...oh, and it's full of wanna be white gangsters. The closest they've been to the projects is the crack shack on Main street. Poor Canada...
Brad: "Hey look at all those wigger kids"
Chris: "Yeah, Valley trash"
Brad: "Let's go smoke some weed"
Chris: "I don't have any...let's make a trip to the Valley"
by Detrimental April 30, 2006
What St. Louis people refer to as the Chesterfield Valley/ Gumbo Flats which flooded in 1993 and has, in the past 6 years, undergone one of the fastest retail booms in history, transforming farmland and rednecks at the edge of St. Louis County into the state's most affluent city. It has been dubbed the most desirable place to live in Missouri and is home to the longest strip mall/retail outlet in the country, well over 2 miles long.
Even though he lives on the other side of town, Mike drives to the valley for all his shopping needs.

Berg and his crew pick up chicks at Sonic in the valley.
by EyOfThTgr1 October 04, 2005
A destitue smog ridden hell hole in the Los Angeles metro area. It sonsists of a few exclusive areas such as San Marino, but mostly disgusting middle to lower class trash holes of communities. Some like its proximity to the hills, but if that is what you are looking for the following are more suitable places to live: The San Joaquin Hills in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Palos Verdes, anywhere.
I wish I lived in Orange County instead of the Valley so I didn't have all of this smog and dead brush around.

Oh god, its 100 frickin' degrees in the valley today.

Wow, the beach is really far from here, why do i have to live in the valley?
by Tom24 June 25, 2005
a gross and disqusting part of the world where the dumb idiotic girls of the world collaborate. these girls typically wear abercrombie, hollister, gap, old navy, and they think they are soooo cool if they own one pair of seven jeans, and an ugly dooney and bourke bag. they idolize lindsay lohan and paris hilton for their tacky hot pink ensembles. valley girls and boys generally listen to punk rock, or anything that is on kiss FM because they are incredibly stupid and tasteless. valley girl prom dresses tend to come from windsor, and they always wear their makeup caked on, with light blue eyeshadow, and lipliner. it is necessity for valley girls to have french manicures painted on their tacky fake nails. valley girls love to wear their jeans tucked in with their skater shoes, and are ALWAYS behind on all the trends. they always wear the tightest jeans, and their motto tends to be "the sparklier the better!" girls in the valley shop in malls, and they really like target. pink is always their favorite color. valley people or "vals" as some like to call them, are hated througout the normal world aka over the hill. the valley has the temperatures of hell, and no one in their right mind would ever move there. if you live in the valley and you feel you do not fit in with this criteria, then you are exempt from this harsh reality, and i commend you for your resistance to your surroundings.
OH,and do not confuse cher horwitz from clueless to be a valley girl, because she hates the valley because she is from beverly hills.
1. Oh god, look at that hideous girl over there, she has sparkly jeans...she must be from the valley

2. Ew, i hate the valley, its such a desolate wasteland.

3. Hip westside girl: (set in nebraska suburia) Ew, look at the houses, and the people...i feel like im in the valley! get me out of here!!!
by cute LA chick January 09, 2005

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