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A large ghetto located in southern New Hampshire. Used to be a pretty kickass center of commerce (e.i. the cotton mill industries) about 150 years ago. That all changed after World War I. One of the few places in the world where white-trash community college dropouts and low-life Latino "gangstas" can coexist in peace.
Modern Nashua is a sad example of its former self.

Jim bought cheap LSD off a Brazilian guy who lives in Nashua.

I went to eat at the Dunkin Donuts in Nashua and the only person working there who spoke English was the 40-year old welfare mom at the register.

To think Nashua used to be Shanghai, now it's a dumping ground for society's rejects.
by 603explorer June 22, 2009
Rich-ass town located in southern New Hampshire, making up the top left part of the Windham-Pelham-Salem-Atkinson rhombus. Once considered a vacation spot in the area located near Cobbett's Pond (with the rest of the town being agrarian) Windham somehow morphed into an elitist breeding ground in less than a generation. It is now known for its large amounts of yuppies, soccer moms, and Paultards as well as their overly spoiled kids who are frequently seen driving expensive cars down I-93. Aside from the glamour, Windham has a reputation for being quite boring, lacking any commercial area or downtown.

A side note: people from Windham pronounce the name of their town as WIND-ham, not WIN-dum. The 'h' is not silent.
Carlie must live in Windham - she got a Ferrari for her sweet 16 birthday.

The Sampson family moved to Windham from Newton Mass so they could still enjoy a lavish lifestyle without paying Massachusetts income taxes which, as Ron Paul supporters, they were morally opposed to.

Windham residents love their money but sure hate having to spend it to contribute to society. That's why they blow most of it on huge houses with big front lawns the size of football fields, 23432 cars, cruises, vacations, expensive electronics, drugs, and designer clothes for their kids.
by 603explorer June 29, 2009
A small village in the Mascoma Valley of New Hampshire, known as the halfway point between Dartmouth College and Lake Winnipesaukee. It has recently gained attention by being a haven for members of the Free State Project, much like Keene and Manchester.

According to the article "The Koch Empire and Americans for Prosperity", Grafton was specifically chosen as the first site of the "free market" NH exodus due to the fact that Koch Industries (which funds the Mercatus Center which is linked to the FSP) had recently purchased Georgia Pacific, a paper company, and needed to buy up as much forest as they could. Grafton was selected because it is 95% forest and has very little restrictions on private property ownership. The corporations bought up over $1 million worth of property in Grafton using secretive means, unfortunately, the behaviors of several free staters living in the village disrupted their plans. All of this was documented in the article "Grafton's Messy Liberation".
Grafton, New Hampshire is a small village with a large controversy.
by 603explorer March 06, 2011
Cliche term for Nashua, used primarily by the rich white people who live in the good part as well as the ultra-wealthy people who live in Hollis and Amherst to describe the ghetto downtown where all the lower-income immigrants and trashy white people live.

This is also the place where the old mills, which brought in 99% of the city's income 140 years ago, are located.
Hollis kid #1: I'm bored.

Hollis kid #2: Wanna get high?

Hollis kid #1: You have?

Hollis kid #2: Nah, but I know a Mexican in Trashua who sells.

Hollis kid #1: Fuck man. I donwanna get stabbed walkin' through there.
by 603explorer October 09, 2009
Rich southern New Hampshire town located in the boonies. It borders Nashua, Amherst, and Milford. Young residents have way too much time and money on their hands, which usually results in wandering into Trashua for cheap drugs.
Hollis: the most boring town on earth.
by 603explorer August 22, 2009
The largest "city" in New Hampshire. Manchester has an excess of pubs, Catholic churches (due to large French Canadian, Irish, Italian, and Lebanese ancestry), obsolete old mills, and drugs. Much like nearby Nashua, Manchester was a prominent commercial center back in the day which has now become a ghetto. French is the town's unofficial-official language due to illegal immigration from Quebec. Girls are ultra-trashy and most young men are known to have four kids with three different women. About one fourth of the Central graduating class goes to Manchester CC with another fourth going to Hesser and another going to the UNH Manchester campus. Cheap drugs such as ecstasy and meth are easily available on Hayward Street.

Despite all of this, Manchester becomes the center of the world's attention during the New Hampshire primaries. It isn't unusual to be harassed by campaigners whilst walking down the sidewalk.
Manchester, New Hampshire = Boston's ugly step-sister, Nashua's barely prettier cousin
by 603explorer June 29, 2009
The capital of New Hampshire, located 20 miles north of Manchester. Known for its old New England-style elegance, affordable housing (compared to most of the state), French and Greek restaurants, and frequent Free State Project activist activities. It may not be as rich as Windham or Bedford but it sure as hell ain't full of tacky mcmansions. It may not be as exciting as Manchvegas or Boston but it's not a trash-fest like most other New England cities.

Also known to many as the halfway point between Boston and the White Mountains.
Concord NH: a sweet blend of class, libertarianism, culture, diversity, intelligence, city, and frontier.
by 603explorer November 27, 2010

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