noun. the region of wales, north of newport and cardiff. filled with pikeys, chavs, townies, basically low-class knob ends that love to fight for little to no reason, drink 24 hours a day and pop out new spawn every 9months (or sooner if they've managed to convince more than one girl to bone them)

a total shithole filled with shitheads.

... oh, and they're welsh on top of it all
go into newport on a saturday night and you can see all the chavs that have come down from the valleys fighting in the parks.

the boys from dirty sanchez are from the valleys
by Olly J March 14, 2005
The area located in northern Delaware where every marijuana smoking teenager with a car or five dollars goes to smoke a blunt/joint/and even in some cases, pieces. Located in between Hockessin, Greenville, and 202, and even extends into parts of PA. It is very woodsy, secluded, scenic, and the roads are windy which makes driving on its roads fun and enjoyable to be high on. The smell of marijuana and the sound of shitty sound systems are always present in the valley.
P1 - Jus got a gram. Wanna hit the Valley?
P2 - Yeah I got 5 on it.
by Valley rider December 16, 2011
Abandoned prison restroom with long trough-style urinal off a low-traffic area, as described in John Cheever's 1977 novel FALCONER. To quote the author, this is where the inmates went after dinner "to fuck themselves." Themselves but not each other -- there were unwritten rules. Looking at other penises was okay, but not into another man's eyes. Touching another man was not allowed, except for the shoulder. A grim place, not gay by any definition, and certainly not the fantasy one-for-all tearoom scenes depicted in gay porn videos.

Since The Valley in Cheever's award-winning novel Falconer was located on an upper floor, the origin of its name was obscure. Perhaps the name was coined to reference the trench- or trough-shaped nature of the elderly urinal itself.

-- "Where's Harry?"

-- "He went to The Valley after dinner."

-- 'When do you think he'll be back in our wing?"

-- "As late as possible, if I know Harry."

by al-in-chgo February 24, 2010
A word short for The Central Valley in California. The Valley is made up of both the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys.

It is full of farms and suburbs. Most people who live in the valley came from the bay and work in the bay. About 6.5 million people live in the valley and it is the fastest growing area of California.

The valley is completely surrounded by mountains, resulting in hella smoggy and hot conditions in the summer. If wildfires start in the mountains then a thick fog of smoke settles in the valley. In the winter it rains all the time and the fog gets so thick you literally can't see your feet if you are standing.

The valley cities are mostly crowded and have nothing but shopping centers and houses. Kids in the valley like to go to parties and concerts. It doesnt matter what day of the week it is, you can most likely find a party or concert somewhere.

Kids from the valley like to represent. If you ask them where they are from they will most likely say "the valley" or their area code, like "the 209".
Guy 1: "hey dude, where you from?"
Guy 2: "I'm from the valley"
Guy 1: "That's sick, your from LA?"
Guy 2: "Nah dude, the valley. You know, the 209 fool!"
by thatslegit April 16, 2009
The smooth curve that forms as a girl is lying on her side.

The line starts at her hips, flows down to her tiny 22-24" waist, then back up to the sides of her boobs, where her arm meets her torso.

The Valley is then the height difference usually from hip to waist, the bigger the difference, the bigger the valley the girl has.

Asian girls typically have very "shallow" valleys. But this is okay because they have tiny SIZE 1 hips.

See also The Gap and The Bridge to learn about other exciting female attributes
"Dude, did you see the valley on that girl?!!"

"Yes dude, it makes me want to go riding in the mountains....up the hills and down in the valley."
by Fireball 53 July 27, 2009
Slang for cleavage.
Tina hugged me from the side and my arm went...

by J. Kyle of Xanga August 31, 2008
"Valley of the Sun"

Also simply, "The Valley."

Phoenix, Arizona

Nickname for Phoenix, Arizona and its surroundings: Scottsdale, Mesa, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria, etc.

Homie: "Yo, let's head down to the Valley and check out the Cards."

Homie 2: "Hell yeah, let's roll!"
by Arizona Local April 26, 2009

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