Somebody who doesnt care what people say about them.
Somebody who is very confident.
Somebody who is there self.
Somebody who can tell who fake people are and only act as aqantence to them.
Somebody who is popular.
Somebody who is independent.
Somebody who is proud.
Sombody who could be wearing Target (ew) and be confident.
by the way guys totally dig confidence.
"That girl is so confident, shes awesome."-dude
"no man shes not only that, shes the shit."-other dude
the best, the coolest, the awesomest, holy crap its the best thing in the word lol...
Me and my friends wore hot pink socks, they were the shit!
by goober123 October 14, 2007
The shit is what we like to call something awesome or spectacular.
Have you seen Daniel lately??? Because he is The Shit
by Daniel February 13, 2005
Something that is overly amazing and awesome.
Whitney Koehl is the shit says Skipper. Agree or get attacked by midgets with one arm.
by Skipper! October 26, 2009
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