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in a group of like items, the one item that is the best is known as "the shit"
that's the SHIT!
by Anonymous February 15, 2002
soggy/lumpy substance passed through the arsehole pretty much always smells like a family of badgers have died up ur arse a month before release also see townie
damn i think that curry gave me the shits
look at those townie shits
by mark innit October 27, 2003
When a situation or item is incredibly good.
That 68 VW van is the shit!
by stephen September 09, 2003
To be of or related to a state of pure awesomeness.
See also super nicole.
Nicole is the shit. She owns your fucking ass.
by Nicole is Awesome July 27, 2006
1. Slang term used to describe a pile of feces, especially human feces.
2. Term used to describe something meaning "cool".
SLC Punk was the shit!
by Dugan March 14, 2005
a term used frequently during the use of narcotics (especially marijuana) to fill in gaps of silence in conversation.
momentary silence
"...Man...This...is the shit"
by curtis November 25, 2003
West Bromwich Albion football team

Origin west midlands, England
"The Shit av gone down aye they"
by Steve Bull August 14, 2003