Will either frighten the fuck out of you, or will have no effect. If it fails to scare you, you will realise it makes little to no sense. If it does scare you, you will be unable to sleep with the light off for weeks.
by Shtting Dicknipples September 17, 2003
my precious! you will not have my PRECIOUS!
LOTR baby. helk yes.. ITS THE RING!
by M.A.O. December 15, 2005
Great Japanese horror film that had a great American remake. Samara is so adorable.
"The Ring is a good example of horror films."
by Headrush February 02, 2004
a form of intravaginal contraception; a clear, flexible, plastic ring that releases low-dose hormones to the vagina and uterus.
Sandra decided to use the Ring instead of the Pill.
by annagram December 30, 2005
A non-scary movie. Too bad.
Little girls aren't scary. Period.

Hey, the part in which she gets out of the TV reminds me of an old WB cartoon!
by Max Chaplin June 27, 2005
the dopest movie ever. too bad its not scary. horse meat rocks! check it out. samara is also cool. she is da shizznit.
Samara is my friend. so is vance. everyone loves samara and vampire vance!
by that hottie ova there >>> June 19, 2003

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