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Holy shit this movies scary. damn i nearly pissed in my pants when she came out of the tv screen. holy shit...and i didnt watch tv for a whole friggin week!
The ring scared the crap out of jay and O.T.E
by vectrex May 31, 2003
expression used by jay, becuase his mom would beat his ass if she ever saw the word "fuck" on the computer screen
i focked a girl saturday and she focking bled out of her vagina. fock!

im really really sorry about everything, and im sorry i thought u had hiv...

...my badd..
by vectrex April 22, 2003
Yea dude ! it was the funniest thing ha ha ha
oops you did it again, and now its on my dick.
by vectrex June 18, 2003
some pussy ass word that only canada boy would make up

it has no real definition, way to go dumbass
jay got into a swack of trouble, those focking canadians.
by vectrex April 22, 2003
If i ever find out who wrote this definition, im going to come inside your house , steal your car keys, and run over your goddamn poodle.
its poodle hunting season
by vectrex May 31, 2003
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