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The Japanese term for animation. And just because something's animated doesn't mean it's automatically targeted at children so they can become corrupted by it. American companies usually butcher the dubbed version so they can make the ones that weren't intended for kids all TV-Y rated. Most anime takes on more mature themes and sometimes sexual content for those people who are into that.

Stereotypical anime characters, usually the younger female ones, have large eyes (to portray innocence, I guess). But not all of them do. Sometimes they have crazy hair and crazy outfits and crazy actions. The voices are high because I guess Japanese people tend to have higher voices than Americans.

The people who watch anime aren't always those stereotypical geek/nerd/dork or whatever you wanna call them. Sometimes the people who do watch anime or read manga (Jap. comics) can get a little too into the culture, but hey, whatever.
Anime's awesome.
by Ambros April 18, 2003
An awesome and popular game that combines catchy dance music, foot coordination, and exercise. It would also really help if you knew how to find the beat in a song.
by Ambros April 18, 2003
A creepy supernatural horror movie where a reporter and her ex-husband research this urban legend. The original Japanese legend goes that this kid was trying to record this baseball game on this TV in his cabin, but when he played back the tape, he never realized that the channels were different. Instead, he got static, strange images, and someone telling him that he would die in seven days. And sure enough, he did, and the doctors said he died of a cardiac arrest.

The (Jap.) curse is that if you watch a copy of the tape, then you must make a copy and show it to someone else, otherwise you die. And in the original, the phone only rings if you watch it in that cabin.

Two of the characters in the orig. were based on real people, one of whom was a psychic who was claimed to be a fraud (like the mother person in the Jap.), and then there was a person who had this psychic power (called nensha in Japanese) that required the use of a medium like a TV to concentrate her powers on (like Sadako/Samara).
by Ambros April 18, 2003
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