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A beautiful girl who is very sarcastic.
(Somebody comes up to her in a shirt covered in feathers and glitter)

"Don't you love my shirt?"

Samara: "Sure I do, suuure."
#beautiful #hilarious #sarcastic #kind #samara
by stopstaringatme12345 March 02, 2010
A natural entertainer, usually multi-talented. Easily sidetracked, and although intelligent, can be very moronic at times. Sarcastic and outgoing, a Samara has many friends but is close with few. She is interested in many things and because she never divulges too far into one topic, she can develop a reputation of being superficial. Samaras love to fool around with guys and want to be free, but never alone. Excellent taste in music, incredible body. Knows no boundaries or limits and can come off as intimidating. Nobody breaks her heart, she calls the shots and knows how to play guys. Because of this she is sometimes called a slut, but names don't affect her. Samara's never stop talking and love attention. They also have a great sense of humor and are charismatic. They can win almost anyone over.
John: Yo did that girl you like ever text you back?
Matt: No dude she's such a Samara.
#sexy #intelligent #butt #charisma #jam
by whattheactual- February 21, 2011
the most amazing, prettiest girl in the world,
she's beautiful.
guy looking at a girl: what a samara! total babe.
#hot #sexy #gorgeous #beautiful #smiley
by mintGEEK December 30, 2010
A beautiful name of Hebrew origin. Means "Guarded by God." Comes from the name Shmarya. 90% of people you meet will tell you that "Samara" is a pretty name.
Candace: What's your name?

Samara: Samara.

Candace: That's a really pretty name!
#samara #shmarya #shemariah #samaritan #samaria
by tintagel7 February 16, 2012
A very beautiful girl with a unique personality. She's sweet and sour but mostly sweet. She's usually a black girl but she can be a white girl. Good, nice, and beautiful hair. She's a great artist, loves books, fantastic writer. She's the girl you want. Samara is usually mistaken for that bitch who crawls out of the well in The Ring. But Samara will always be a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
Damn Samara looks hot today
#hot #beautiful #pretty #name #girl
by tamtam27 October 04, 2010
A smart and pretty black or white girl. She's also very sarcastic, as said in the first definition.
Samara: Today is so hot.
Boy:Yes, you are.
#samara #girl #smart #pretty #hot
by tamtam27 October 08, 2010
Samara (Russian: Сама́ра) (Kuybyshev (Ку́йбышев) from 1935 to 1990) is one of the largest cities in Russia.
The Russian Revolution resulted in Soviet control of Samara in 1917, but in June 1918 under the armed support of the Czechoslovak corps the town was taken by the Committee of Members of the Constituent Assembly.
#samara #russia #city #town #russian federation
by Heronimo January 24, 2009
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