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Hottie with extraordinarily long nipples.
Did you see 21 Grams? Her nipples stuck out like an inch or more!
by Godd July 17, 2005
The hottest and most talented woman EVER to walk this earth, and I`m heterosexual, I swear.
Anyone in their right mind should be madly in love with Miss Watts.
by Tammy January 22, 2005
An Australian babe who gets naked in alot of her films.
Naomi got naked in 21 Grams.
by <insert> October 02, 2004
played as a the horror movie..."the ring"
mmmmmm....that Naomi is such a MILF.....
by n0el September 22, 2003
The sexiest minx to ever walk the face of this planet.

She wants to jump up and down on my todger
"mummy my dick goes hard when i think of Naomi!"
by men September 08, 2003
Nicole Kidman lite. Botox Kidman's clone.
"Oh my god, Naomi Watts is morphing into Nicole Kidman!"
"Yeah, she's totally diet Nicole Kidman."
"You're going to die in 7 days!"
by Miss Sleepy March 09, 2006
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