The Ray Charles is an action that occurs when someone gets so high that all they can do is grab their arms and tilt their head back and sit there for an hour... Resulting in someone who looks just like the famous photo of Ray Charles at the Apollo theater in 1990.
Dude, Jennifer smoked a blueberry bud and hash bowl out of my glass gravity bong and she was totally doing The Ray Charles... I wish I could have gotten that on video!
by GrowTech March 07, 2009
Top Definition
when your girlfriend falls asleep before you, you masterbate and cum on her eyes. Then when she wakes up in the morning her eyes will be dried closed with jizz and she will not be able to see
"last ngiht i gave shella the ray charles and when she woke up she actually thought she was blind"
by big lang July 10, 2009
Tea bagging a blind guy.
I gave that old dude a Ray Charles the other day while he was sitting in the park.
by Don Everest April 07, 2005
The Ray Charles is when you shit on someones eyes and then stick your dick in their mouth.
Ray charles had a Ray Charles done to him as a child and as a result became an excellent pianist.
by Luke February 18, 2005
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