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Argumentation terminology: a negative response; to tell someone to 'forget it' or that you will not do it; to suggest that instead of acting on another's request, one suggests the requester should go briskly rub the uppermost portion of his maleness, preferably somewhere else.
"Hey, why don't you buy this really expensive software from me?"

"Go shine it."
by the Pope February 24, 2005
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To give up. Call it a day. When something is not worth doing.
-"Hey, you wanna help me move these heavily boxes full of useless stuff?"

-"No way. Shine it."
by blank April 23, 2003
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to finish something. To complete a task.
dude #1 "Shine It!"
dude #2 "shine what??"
dude #1 "the rest of the drink you got playa! The bar is about to close!"
by LeeAwesome October 10, 2008
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