Two in the front and five in the rear. When a man shoves 2 finger in his ladies vagina and then with his other hand he clinches it like a fist and rams it in her ass.
I gave Deb the Mini Van lastnight and shes not talking to me today! She did say her ass hurts tho!
by Chris Becker June 10, 2007
Top Definition
Just like it sounds, two in the front, five in the back (child seats not required but accepatable).
Preferred by soocer milfs. (Bong...)
I was at a soccer game the other day, and I walked up to your mother and ripped off her mom's jeans, and proceeded to put two fingers in her worn-out five kid puss and gave her other orfice (her gaping asshole) a heavyweight prize-fighter knockout punch. The minivan!
by B.I.G. Brown September 25, 2006
Female digital stimulation where 2 fingers are inserted into the vaginal canal, and a full fist into the anus.
The Minivan? Two up front, five in the back, baby!
by Timmy Thunderpants October 20, 2006
The sexual act known as "The Minivan" is when two fingers are inserted into the vaginal cavity from one hand, and the other hand (made into a fist) is inserted into the anus. A Minivan usually accommodates seven "passengers" but is known in cases of emergency to squeeze a few more in.
Scissoring just wasent cutting it so they proceeded to get in The Minivan.
by ExitOut August 07, 2014
2 in the front, 5 in the rear. Similar in effect and usage to the Shocker, but requiring 2 hands, and a very willing reciever.
I gave my girlfriend the Shocker, but that wasn't doing it for her anymore, so I had to give her a ride on the Minivan!
by GoodyQ December 19, 2010
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