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The least retarded dance your P.E. teachers will ever make you do. It's relaxing.
Do the Hustle! *Backwards, Clap, Forwards, Clap, spin to the right, clap, spin to the left, clap, jump forwards, jump back, repeat, click heels twice, heel-toe-heel-toe-heel-heel-toe-toe, turn and repeat from step 1*
by aka_Pyro August 16, 2007
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The Hustle by Van McCoy is the "theme" song of the swine flu - that is, whenever you hear The Hustle, the swine flu is near! The louder The Hustle is, the closer swine flu is! When you hear The Hustle...RUN!!! DUCK AND COVER!!! Do something because swine flu will get you and you will DIE!!!
Jim: Hey Eric, what's up.
Eric: Hey Jim, what's...wait. Did you hear that?
*do do do dodo dodo do do, do do do dodo dodo do do, do it. Do the Hustle!*
Jim: Ahh!!!! It's The Hustle! Swine flu is near! Run!!!!
by Chigglywiggly May 02, 2009
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When plans are ruined by an outside force. The term was originally used in this context by Paul Lizotte and Will Keel.
"Damn, that was the hustle."
by Will June 19, 2004
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