THE HAWK is reffered to as the principle or one in a high position in a high school. THE HAWK often catches students playing halo or watching harry potter in the lounge room, or promptly has a birds-eye-view over the whole cafeteria in an attempt to catch students throwing water bottles into garbage cans dangerously. THE HAWK never stops in his/her pursuit for justice, and are rare in many high schools. THE HAWK's favorite prey is generally between 9nth and 11nth graders. THE HAWK often preffers combed-back gelled hair, and business attire. On occasion, the THE HAWK swoops from atop the ceiling, grabs the student, and feeds him/her to it's baby hawks for nutrition.
Student, "Dude I bet I can drain this water bottle in the garbage can!"

Other Student "Nah dude, don't, your a fucking dumbass"

Student misses horribly and is the prey of the hawk, who immediately takes him/her to the principles office.
by Dyldo "the jet" Baggins January 07, 2011
Top Definition
What black people call the wind -- especially in Chicago.
Damn son, did you feel the hawk coming off the lake last night?
by Reggie November 24, 2003
A classy establishment located near the University of Kansas campus. Normal happenings at The Hawk include oral or regular sex in the bathroom/boom boom room, white girls grinding on the stripper pole and the occasional appearance of a KU star athlete.
"Last time I was at The Hawk, Sherron Collins was getting head from that ugly white bitch who was using the stripper pole as a dildo"
by turchakertch January 13, 2009
A big gun or weapon
We went to the truck and came back with the hawk
by jjthekid March 14, 2008
IN NORTHERN SAUDI ARABIA (AP)-Paratroopers call it "The Hawk" a piercing chill that cuts to the bone with a talon-like grip. -newark star ledger, 1/31/91
i about froze my koch, -thanks to the hawk!
by michael foolsley May 07, 2011
1: An affectionate Nickname given to someone with very creepy mannerisms, such as masturbating in a public school bathroom. An individual who fits this description often suffers from utter delusion in terms of their own social abilities and friendships, and tends to have lots of dandruff.
-Dude, the Hawk commented on my photo "Nice Ass"... and I dont even know the guy
by The Hawk!!!! August 18, 2008
a male who is under weight and is extremely tall, therefore his left chest bone sticks out in the form of a tittie
I went to hug the hawk and he poked the shit out of me.
by GINA MARIE October 29, 2003

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