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The amazing catch Endy Chavez made that saved a HR. His hand bent all the way over the fench. He made this catch during Game 7 of NLCS.
1: Wow, remember "the catch" Chavez made last season.
2: Yeah it saved the Mets.
by ENDYCHAVEZ April 09, 2007
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The act of ejaculating into a rag or other receptacle when masturbating so as not to make a mess.
Clint needed to jack off again. He was out of Kleenex so he used a dirty sock for the catch.
by Wiseman July 10, 2006
The ‘fine print’ of relationships. The one piece of negative, personal information one must weigh against the known positive information when deciding whether or not to pursue a long-term romantic involvement.
He is absolutely perfect, The Catch is that he is divorced, still not over an ex, a virgin AND heavily medicated!
by Irish Red August 24, 2006

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