A show about the Orange County where a lot of rich people live.
UK people: Channel 4, 6.30pm Sundays. Straight after that turn to E4 for the next episode.
by Kay March 20, 2004
The best damn T.V. show EVER! On Wednesdays on Fox (8 P.M. CST)
Did you catch last night's episode of The O.C.?
by K.S. March 10, 2004
A GREAT show on Fox that revolves around rich beautiful teenagers and their rich beautiful parents. Obviously they have problems, a little over the top, but still, it's one of the best shows on TV.
People who say things like "it's the decline of american society" can go to hell since they're taking their time off to tell it off.
person: oh, do you watch the OC?
person2: uhh, no, it's so cliche, and gay.
person: ..have you ever seen it?
person2: no, but i hate it, that's enough for me.
by ishan charming March 16, 2006
A show, much akin to Dawsons Creek takes place in Orange County, California. It features rich, prima donna kids whining for just about everything all the time. You will never see a non-afflutent non-anglo saxxon person in the show, because they consider themselves "the only pure race". From girl not liking so and so to what can I do to make my yacht shine, the O.C represents a new low in television programming.
Guide to being a tool: Listen to good charlotte, take up the Kabbalah, be emo and watch the O.C.

Hpoefully suicide becomes the next big trend.
by Dr Doom October 30, 2004
A show that is horrifically innacurate and contains mind-numbingly bad acting, yet is shockingly entertaining every week. All the people who hate on the OC are wannabe non-conformists who rebel against anything "mainstream" and go slit their wrists at night. Stop trying to be cool. We all know you secretly watch it.
Non-Conformist: How can you watch that piece of trash show the OC! It has blonde people and ample amounts of cleavge so I must rebel against it!

Me: Oh ya. It was pretty cool when Seth and Zack had a fight last episode

Non-Conformist: OMG! Ya totally I was so shocked, I mean-...uh, I don't watch that. *sigh*
by Rae Rae August 24, 2005
Television show. What most East Coasters' opinions of Southern California are based off of.
East Coaster: So, is it true that life in Southern California is like a episode from the O.C.?
West Coaster: *facepalm*
by l1011tristar17 February 09, 2010
1. Where I live.

2. A lame show that is VERY inaccurate. It is based on the town of Newport. I live there and I know that unlike the show portraits, most of the houses are not 4 million dollars, most of the people here don't have orange tans because their tans are real, most of the people are not that rich. A majority of Newporters are just poor surfers. There are some insanely rich people though, as in every town. Don't believe what "The OC" teaches you about it because most of it is wrong. it is not even filmed in Newport. That show is a disgrace to Newport Beach.
All of the people in Newport hate "the OC" because it makes us all look like rich, snobby twats.
by ..Ashley.. August 15, 2006

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