half an hour of air time composed entirely of a poor little rich girl staring blankly at the screen. when the guys arent getting laid by a cornucopia of emo chicks they are sitting around like fags whinging about the issues they have with their fathers, friends, sisters boyfriends cousins ex roomates gerbil.
marissa you won the lottery
marissa: stares blankly at screen
your father is dead
*stares blankly*
i got a pudding stain on your shirt
i have money
*spreads legs*
by samthepsychoticmoose July 31, 2006
Both amazing and obnoxious, it is a tv show about a troubled teenager who moves from the ghetto of california to the filthy rich newport beach where he falls for someone elses girlfriend, knocks up his ex., gets in at least one fist fight every four episodes, and is, at the same time, the most amazing guy in the world. He's ripped, too!
Luke insults Ryan:

Ryan: You know what I like about rich kids?


Ryan: Nothin'.

quote from episode two, season one, of the o.c.
by p.h. evremonde February 14, 2009
A silly show based on rich teens and alot of meaningless drama.

Should have been on the WB instead of the FOX network.
Erica: Do you want to watch the OC?
Me: Naa I have better things to do.
by Twentyfour December 29, 2005
THE BEST SHOW ON TV!!!an awesome show about rich kids in orange county that face alot of problems and make you wish you lived there
kid: do you wanna do someting thursday nite??
coolkid: no!! im watching the oc only the geatest show ever!
by jackie March 23, 2005
Gay show watched by troubled teens and gay men.
Francisco: Did you see The O.C the other night?

Pedro: No, I was too busy bangin your mom
by yo momma November 27, 2004
The worst show ever. Full of whining, rich assholes. Comically dramatic and unrealistic.
12 year olds that try to be cool watch the o.c
by timmotee October 17, 2004
A show in which there are many things to overcome like overdoses, gay dads, and cradle robbing. Facinating. Reccomendations: nerd nizzle 90210 slut
I watched The O.C. and I have mild feelings about it.
by Libbizzle March 30, 2004
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